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Calvary Grace (India) Well #28

Testimony (Pastor Jessey): This village has a great scarcity of water since God knows when. Eleven water wells were dug here before with no success by the government. A pastor from this village brought this need to our attention about a year ago. God has provided us the money to put two water wells in this village among two different communities (water wells #27& & #28).

God provided the water needed to the whole village through these two water wells. Now this has become a testimony in this village. There’s something about Jesus Christ that this world needs to know that He can make impossible situations possible. Glory to God. We hope and pray that many will turn to the Savior.

Place: Dharmaram SC colony
Water well #28
Sponsored by Gary & Linda Smothers.
Each water well costs $1500 – donate.generalbaptist.com. Select International Missions and type “Calvary Grace Water Well” in the notes field.