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Mark Powell

Jim in india

Dr. Jim Pratt

Mission One Coordinator

Melody Manley

Administrative Assistant

Sue Schremp

Missionary Support

Dr. Rene Rodriguez

Educational Coordinator


General Baptist International Ministries continues the mission to start, equip, and inspire churches outside the United States. The mission also provides necessary services for our missionary family.


The mission also strives to equip and inspire churches at home to obey the great commission by offering opportunities to become involved in world missions by giving and going. Two annual offerings, Mission One teams, and internships create unique opportunities. Short term programs are guided by the principles of the Standards of Excellence (SOE) for Short Term Missions.


Our commitment is to use your funds in a way that honors God and furthers the tax exempt purposes of the General Baptist Council of Associations. We work hard at using earmarked funds accordingly but have a responsibility to exercise ongoing control of those funds, redirect funds (within reason) if in the best interest of the organization, and use those donated funds to further our tax exempt purposes. Our record of accounts are audited annually and our ministries follow the guidelines of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability


General Baptist International is committed to the task of doing together what we cannot do alone. We offer many opportunities for donors to designate funds while remaining committed to the task of Unified Giving as the best approach to funding the programs of the General Baptist Council of Associations. We encourage all churches to be involved in this unified approach to giving because we truly can do more together.