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An Update on COVID-19 in Honduras

As the rest of the world hunkers down to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic we are doing the same in Honduras, while continuing to do God’s work.

As of March 27, Honduras has 67 cases of COVID-19 and is rapidly spreading. The Honduran president has ordered all borders to be closed and the whole nation is under absolute curfew until further notice. Just like the rest of the world, we must stay home to protect us and those around us.

Proactively, we closed the Faith Home campus on Monday, March 16th, days before the national curfew went into effect. Everyone is safely quarantined inside, and we have been evaluating everything and taking the precautions needed regarding COVID-19.  We have prepared for this and have extra food and supplies onsite. All of our houseparents are currently staying here during their off days. Our Psychologist, Teacher and Doctor are safely at home with their families, but on call in case they are needed. Everyone here is healthy and safe, and we hope to remain so throughout this pandemic.

During this time, we ask that you would not forget about us and the lives that you have an impact on here. We must continue to be the church and love as God has called us to.

Let us cast all of our cares, anxieties, fears and worries on Jesus.

Please join us in prayer over the next few weeks as all of us are faced with drastic circumstances.

  • Pray that God will mercifully stop the virus from spreading in our community and around the world and to heal those who have been affected by the sickness.
  • Pray for our government leaders, international, federal, state and local, to have wisdom and take action that will result in the best prevention of the virus and safety.
  • Pray that God will give us wisdom and peace. We ask that God will keep all of our staff and their families at peace during this pandemic and that they would have wisdom and discernment needed to stay safe and healthy.
  • Pray that as we continue to serve the most vulnerable during this crisis that God will guide us to advance the Gospel even more.

Thank you so much for your continued support so that we may continue to feed and take care of the expenses of all of our children and staff members during this crisis.