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Back to School at Faith Home (Honduras)

The 2021 school year in Honduras officially started. Our children will continue to study virtually, but a little differently this year. Last year, when the pandemic hit, we had the luxury of all of the homework being sent through Mr. Eder and he organized the schedule to rotate the children through the computer lab, do their homework and sent it back to the teachers. This year (without much notice) they decided to start the video classes for each grade with the expectation that most of the year will be this way due to Covid-19. This means the children will be separated by each grade and all go at the same time in separate classrooms with computers that have video and audio capability.

Mr. Eder has been out recovering from his surgery and we were only given one week to get our on-campus school building ready. Many of the rooms have been used as storage or not used at all for the past few years as the children went off campus to the private Christian school, so we had our work cut out for us. But with the help of Henry and the transition youth, the job was completed ahead of schedule!

Next was the challenge of computers. All that we have are incredibly outdated, but with some of the missionaries loaning theirs we were able to get just enough going to make sure each classroom has one for now. We did a trial run with the children last week and are praying that the teachers continue to accept each grade using one computer. To be honest it was hard to see and hear them in groups as opposed to each one having their own. We were told they would try it that way at first to avoid us having to buy a computer and have separate quiet space for each student.

One blessing was that a month back because of the lack of clothing in the storage room (and difficulty to buy at the moment due to covid-19) we came up with the idea to buy ‘uniform’ shirts with the Faith Home logo for all of the students from a local tailor. This would give them something nice to wear to classes at our on-campus school as well as be something they could use every day. When we were informed of the video classes starting, they agreed as long as the children had on their Faith Home logo shirts we don’t have to buy the school uniforms at the moment. God goes ahead of us!

The children are all excited to ‘see’ their teachers and their classmates through Zoom classes and the house parents will get a much needed break for at least half a day. We still have our campus closed because of Covid-19 and all of the difficulties that would arise if even one person on campus would contract the virus, knowing that then it would spread quickly here. The children still enjoy playing together and going to church without masks and have somewhat of a normal life. We continue to do our best to protect them and guard their freedom inside campus while preparing them for the reality of what is going on in the world outside.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but we are taking it a day at a time and enjoying God’s blessings and protection here at Faith Home. May He continue to bless this ministry and all who pray and support it!

How can you pray?

  1. Pray for the children as they adapt to a new way of learning and new schedule
  2. Pray for the house parents that they can use the class time to rest in the Lord
  3. Pray for our computers to hold out and be enough to meet the requirements
  4. Thank God for going ahead of us by having a building with internet and other resources to meet the educational needs of the children
  5. Thank God for the recovery of Mr. Eder in time to start classes

Faith Home has become home to over 150 children in the past 22 years. Lives have been forever changed by the love of a family and more importantly the Love of Christ. Thanks for your prayers and support as God continues to bless Honduras through the children and young adults of Faith Home.

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