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Calvary Grace Water Truck (India)

Calvary Grace Association in India has been a very active participant in the Living Waters project.  The association has made good use of available funds to put in a number of wells in India.  Some of the wells have been located very near churches while others have been in communities without a church.  In both cases they stand as a testimony to the One who can quench the spiritual thirst of all people.

Calvary Grace has now added to its Living Water project a water truck to help needy communities.  Pastor Jessey reports the tanker “will be a great help in this summer season.”  The driver of the truck will be a member of Pastor Jessey’s church named Babu.  The water will be sourced from a Living Water project well in Babu’s village.  The water delivery will be a free service for poor people and their communities.  There will be a minimal charge for parties and weddings that will help with the cost of fuel and electricity.

Blessing on the water truckMissionaries Jessey and Brittany felt so strongly about this project that they sourced funds for the water truck project from their personal tax refund.  The water truck is a thoughtful and needful addition to the ongoing Living Waters project.  You may give to the project by using the form found on this page.  Simply select “International Missions” from the drop down list and then type in Living Waters project in the notes box that will appear.  Thank you.

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