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COVID 19 Closes GBBC and MBI


Both GBBC and MBI have suspended classes since last week as per government order. All GBBC students have been sent home. Some students at MBI went home also. Some students at MBI are still on campus since their hometowns are no longer accessible due to the regional lock-down that has been implemented recently. Sea, land, and air travel has been suspended in Davao. Worship services have been suspended as well.

Work has been suspended but working from home has been encouraged. For GBBC, it has been a challenge since offices are closed, we cannot collect payments for tuition and other fees from parents in the basic education department but we need to pay our teachers their salaries. We can’t afford to pay them since there is no income coming in but we also can’t afford not to pay them because they need their salary for basic needs such as food.

Nene and Mel (GBBC staff) went home to their respective hometowns also.

Joyce Porcadilla adds, “Personally, I ask for your prayers for my brother who is a medical doctor and my sister who is a nurse. Both are front liners in the hospitals where they both work. My brother lives with me and Evan. My sister lives with my mom in our hometown which is two hours north of Davao City.”

There are reported positive cases within Davao region already. These are trying times. We know this is the same all over the world. We continue to pray for God’s protection over all of us. We pray for His Grace to sustain and strengthen us.