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COVID Increases in Jamaica

Reverend Phillip Pusey called the GBIM office during the week of September 13, 2020.  The Jamaica Association had met in an abbreviated format during August 2020 and typically Rev. Pusey would bring the Unified Giving monies to the General Baptist Summit or GBIM Director Mark Powell would receive the offering while visiting the Association.  Due to COVID neither was able to happen this year.

Pastor Pusey also reported that there had been a recent spike in COVID-19 related cases in Jamaica and that churches were only able to meet on Sunday mornings.  He also reported that the Calvary General Baptist Church in Jamaica had been unable to meet for two weeks.  Pastor Pusey suggested that it would be well for both American and Jamaican Christians to pray for one another during these difficult days.  He also stated that Jamaica had pushed back school openings to October 5 due to COVID.  Pastor Pusey also serves as a counselor at a school in Jamaica.

We are grateful for the mindful prayers of our Jamaican brothers and sisters and their faithfulness to the Unified Giving program of General Baptist.  Please pray for our Jamaican General Baptist as well as our many faithful brothers and sisters around the world.