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Cross Cultural Instructors

Instructors Needed for Cross Cultural Studies

gbim logo smallPart of our 10/40 Initiative will focus on the preparation of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) for their guest workers assignment and a Cross Cultural Studies concentration at GBBC.  There are currently 1.6 million OFW’s serving in various countries around the world as part of this program with an additional 800,000 more workers requested. Many of these requests come from the least evangelized countries of the world.

The Philippines has also been presented new opportunities for Cross Cultural living through the newly formed ten nation ASEAN association.  The Association of South East Asian Nations will allow Filipinos to move freely among the ten nations and work in these nations as well.  The ten nations include  Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,  Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and Vietnam

In partnership with the General Baptist Bible College and the General Baptist Church in the Philippines it is our desire to recruit cross-cultural professional volunteers who can commit 2-4 weeks to offer instruction in our Phase 1 or Phase 2 programs, or in the Cross Cultural Studies concentration at GBBC.

Phase 1 will offer instruction in preparing to live overseas, cross-cultural living, culture shock, language acquisition, introduction to Islam or Hinduism, cross cultural communication etc.  Instruction in these life skills will be offered to all potential OFW’s  seeking assignment through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or otherwise planning to live overseas.

Phase 2 will focus on cross cultural outreach and will equip Christian Filipinos on how to cope in a non-Christian culture and offer further insight into Islam and/or Hinduism and advanced methods in cross cultural communication.  The goal of phase 2 will be to help the Christian Filipino live a productive Christian life in a non-Christian environment without the usual support of a local pastor or local church.

The GBBC Cross Cultural Studies track will focus on one of several areas of concentration to include Cross Cultural Ministry, Cross Cultural Business and Cross Cultural Education.  Instructors or professors desiring to volunteer to teach in this track will need to commit for a 4-6 week short term ministry assignment and fulfill other requirements and expectations of GBBC.

The successful short term missionary applicant for the phase 1 or 2 program will have received instruction in living overseas and will have successfully lived in an overseas situation or one who has advanced instruction or advanced degrees in cross cultural studies. Experience in teaching cross cultural studies a plus but not required.

Advanced degrees in cross-cultural studies or advanced teaching experience in cross-cultural studies will be required for Adjunct Professors at GBBC in order to successfully teach in the Cross Cultural Studies concentration.