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December Baptisms in India

Both of our GBIM ministries in India report great success in the month of December.  It is the most productive evangelistic month  since most Indians celebrate Christmas and are open to the hear the message of its meaning.  December would be an awesome time for an evangelistic minded congregation to sponsor an outreach team for 2017.  The following is from Pastor Dr. Pamu near Pithapuram.

  • Dorcas Sewing Centers (DSC): Ten DSC are now operating among poor people in ten communities. They are 1 ) Zaddangi ,2) Bodlanka, 3) Bangarayyapeta, 4) Ravikampadu,5) Donthamuru 6) Gollaprolu , 7) U. Kothapalli 8) Rachapalii, 9) Venkatanagaram. 10) Chitrada. Two hundred plus girls are in the training and listening daily the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks to all our beloved sponsors for this good work.
  • New Sewing machines to DSC girls:  As a Christmas, gift forty DSC girls received sewing machines on subsidy. It is a blessing to all our General Baptists to show the love of Jesus Christ in our deeds. Thanks be to Our Lord for you,  all our General Baptists in USA.
  • DSC and Pastors Christmas: We have had a Christmas gathering of 300 plus believers , non-believers,  DSC girls, Bible women and Pastors on December 27, 2016 at our General Baptist church in Pithapuram. New blankets and bed sheets were given to pastors and Bible women, and new clothes were given to believers as a gift  of Christmas. It is  wonderful to share gifts on behalf of all our General Baptists in USA. Thanks to one and all of our sponsors.
  • Christmas, Watch night service and New year worship services; We had a blessed services in our main church at Pithapuram.
  • Baptisms: Seven new converts were baptized  in bay of Bengal ocean on 1st of Jan 2017.  Praise the Lord!

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