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Faith Home Child In US for Surgery

After God showed us again that He is in control, we arrived in the USA on June 1st.  We arrived in the St Louis area on June 2nd.  We were able to secure seats on an Embassy arranged flight. It was a long process but we arrived safely.  Our little girl (name withheld) is such a good traveler.  We, of course, took all the precautions that we could, and thankfully we are all fine.

I have to share this part.  About one week before leaving, we found out that things had changed in Honduras, and we would need another document.  We were promised that document on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but no document. If we did not get it Friday, then we would have to cancel our flight. We all prayed that on Friday the document would be issued.  The Faith Home psychologist spent all day sitting at the office on Thursday.  When she left at 4:30pm, she said she would return first thing Friday.  Things didn’t look good.  THEN at 8:30pm, she sent me a message, the document was just signed (after hours???) and sent to her via email.  We knew it was God at work again showing that HE is in control.  At 8:30pm, the man finally comes to the office.  That just doesn’t happen there.

Our little Faith Home child has a pre-surgery appointment on the 24th at Shriner’s, and surgery is scheduled for July 13th to get that right hip in socket.  Pray for her.  It is still a big surgery, but we are believing that afterwards God will strengthen her, and she will be able to stand.  That is a big jump, but GOD is in control.
She also has an eye appointment on the 24th at Children’s Hospital to see how she has healed since her eye surgery in December.

Busy times here!   Faith Home is doing okay.  Still on lockdown.  Pray for Faith Home and Honduras.
More soon,  God just continues to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!