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Faith Home Urgent Funds Needed

Faith Home, the GBIM Children’s Home in Honduras is in urgent need of funds.  We have had an influx of children in 2016 which is a great blessing from the Lord.  However, sponsorship has fallen behind the number of children we have received.  In the past the “Casa Supplies Fund” has helped purchase basic hygiene/cleaning supplies for the children along with clothing and shoes.  This fund is also now depleted.  We are asking for special donations to be given to the “Faith Home Casa Supplies Fund” as soon as possible.  Perhaps you could send an individual gift or lead your church to send a gift as soon as possible.  We are also asking you to prayerfully consider sponsoring a Faith Home child today!

A second reason for the depletion of the “Casa Supplies Fund” is the number of foster children we are receiving.  This is a new aspect of the Faith Home ministry which you should know about.  Honduran Family Services is now placing children with Faith Home temporarily with the knowledge that other family members are interested in assuming responsibility for the child or during an investigation.  We have no sponsors for these children since they are only with us a short while.  Still they come to us with needs that must be met, sometimes those needs are urgent.

You can donate here or send your donation to GBIM, Attn: Faith Home, 100 Stinson Drive, Poplar Bluff, MO  63901.  Please be sure to designate your funds for either “Casa Supplies Fund” or “Foster Care Fund”

We also need many more sponsors for our new children.  It takes 16 sponsors to fully supply all the needs of a Faith Home Child.  Please contact GBIM to learn more.