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Faith Home Welcomes Three New Children

God has blessed Faith Home this week with three new children and new house parents!  How beautiful to see what a difference the love of God and love of a family can make in the life of a child!

Welcome to Faith Home, Scarleth (3), Victoria (2) and Carlos (1)!  If you would like to be a part of this life changing ministry, please consider sponsoring one of these precious children.  Just email us, and we will get you more information on child sponsorship.

Faith Home is still very much in a lock down status due to COVID-19.  Christina, the children, and the house parents are restricted to campus.  Our maintenance person, psychologist, medical doctor, and educational coordinator come in daily using bio-security measures and are not allowed in near the children’s homes.   Pastor Miguel is leaving campus to visit churches, so he and his family wear masks and maintain distance.  Pastor Miguel and his family are also allowed entrance to a cordoned portion of the chapel and are masked for worship services.

Products are still being delivered to the gate area and are cleaned before moving any further.

The new children are quarantined with the new house parents before moving on to final homes.