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Fall Medical Team Shares Christ’s Love With 764 Patients

Team leader Scott Strouse reports that the Fall Medical Team to Honduras was blessed to share Christ with 764 patients.  That amounts to 204 families served, 656 Physician visits, 190 dental visits, 299 eye exams, 121 reading glasses given, 72 prescription glasses given and 1359 prescriptions dispensed.

God blessed the group by a moving of His Spirit as 15 young people made decisions to follow Jesus Christ and 51 adults.

The team came from different places, occupations and training.  As Scott put it, “I was privileged to once again work with a wonderful team of fellow believers; pastors, translators, physicians, dentists and fellow workers from here, Honduras, and excitingly from Cuba. I continue to be in awe of how our LORD assembles such a mixed variety of people into such a cohesive unit.”

As many of you know, Scott experienced a heart attack after the spring medical team resulting in the summer team being cancelled.  God was once again faithful to answer the prayers of His people and Scott testifies, “I was overwhelmed by the kindness extended to me. Before arriving in Honduras I wondered if my physical health might be a hindrance to our mission…but, it was not at all! This, of course, was due to the actions of the entire team to stand in the gap, listening to GOD, and doing whatever was needed.”

GBIM is grateful for faith team leaders like Scott Strouse who faithfully serve God through General Baptist Mission One teams.

The spring medical team is already forming, if you would like to receive more information you may contact Mission One Director Jim Pratt at jim.pratt@generalbaptist.com or Team Leader Scott Strouse at scottstrouse@hotmail.com.

Donations my be made for the team by sending your check to GBIM, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO  63901 and designating “Honduras Spring Medical Team” in the for section of your check.