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Food Assistance During COVID-19 (India and Honduras)

Ramierz family preparing food

Ramirez family preparing food

Many in Honduras (especially the poor) are suffering. We have been in a complete lockdown that is being enforced by the police and military. By the last number of our ID cards, one can get out every 10 days to go to the grocery, pharmacy or bank.

We were able to buy rice, beans, and maseca to give out. Pastor Marcial will hand out in El Barro, and we were able to get enough to give some to each of our pastors as well. They, too, are hurting as no church services mean no income for them.

In the photos, Pastor Miguel and his family are dividing the food to then be distributed. Lord in your mercy and grace we pray for you to provide and comfort those who are suffering today!

In India the delivery team simply said  ‘Jesus Loves You’

Jesus loves you!

On April 5, 2020, Calvary Grace Association helped 113 families with one week supply. Within a 2-second interaction they told them ‘Jesus Loves You’. In the surrounding area there are about 1,200 poor families with very poor living conditions.  “God willing we want to help more families in the next few weeks. Please pray for such needy people.”

On Good Friday, the association helped 20 pastors who were in need of dire help. Each was given a month supply of groceries, which is 25 kg (50 pounds) of rice and other cooking things. They expressed their appreciation for the help they’ve received. “Let nothing hinder God’s servants from doing what they are called to do. All glory to God.

Also, on Good Friday, the association again distributed vegetables to 168 poor and needy families. Thank you Lord for your sacrifice!