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GBIM Mourns the Loss of Honduran Pastor

GBIM Mourns the Loss of Honduran Pastor

Pastor Alberto, devoted husband, father of five children, and pastor of the Betel Church in San Manuel was tragically killed Friday evening, April 15, 2016 while traveling along the San Manuel road not far from Faith Home.

Missionary Rodney Walls went to the scene of the accident and reports that Pastor Alberto was traveling to San Manuel on his motorcycle when he was struck and run off the road.  He hit a tree on the side of he road head on.  The car did not stop

Rodney says of Pastor Alberto, “He was a dynamic young (only 47) pastor, a husband and a father of 5.  His youngest child is 7 months old.  He was so full of life… May our presence be a reminder to his family and to the church of the presence and love of God!”

Please keep Pastor Alberto’s family and the Betel church in your prayers.  Donations for his family may be made to GBIM, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO  63901.