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by Danny Dunivan

Giving Tuesday takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Give something that will make an impact for the Kingdom of God. A donation to General Baptist Ministries this year on Giving Tuesday will be used to assist our brothers and sisters in Honduras. Earlier this month Hurricane Eta brought devastating floods to Honduras, and only days later another storm, Hurricane Iota, came through roughly the same path. The Honduran Foreign Ministry has given following statistics:
· 276,000 people evacuated
· 123,000 rescued from the waters
· 35,000 homes destroyed

It is reported that out of the 9.1 million people living in Honduras, approximately 2.1 million are without basic food and 717,000 are without access to basic water, sanitation, and hygiene services.

In a recent communication, Rodney Walls said,

“The realities are hard to describe. The devastation of so many is heart breaking. In the midst of all this, Honduran General Baptists are serving and doing all they can to help those that are hurting in part because of the giving of General Baptists in the States who can’t be hands and feet, but have sent donations to help. Our churches and pastors here are working tirelessly and giving beyond measure. I am so honored to serve Christ with them. Things are just beginning.”

Rodney also shared the following numbers:
· 643 meals prepared and served
· Provisions (food, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.) given for 160 plus families
· 10 to 15 families living at one of our churches
· 45 mattresses given out

By giving to General Baptist Ministries on Giving Tuesday, you will bring assistance to our churches in Honduras and make an eternal impact!

To give, go to donate.generalbaptist.com or text “give” to 573-282-7171 and select #GivingTuesday.