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Legal Waiver and Official Financial Statement

I am aware that all positions are voluntary and without financial remunerations. I agree to abide by all present and subsequent issued rules of General Baptist International Ministries. I clearly understand that raising all expenses related to the mission trip will be my responsibility. I further agree that General Baptist International Ministries has the right to discontinue my participation in the mission trip at its sole discretion.

I recognize that participation in a trip of this nature may be hazardous and or dangerous. Therefore, I am, for myself, my heirs, executor and/or administrator, releasing and forever discharging General Baptist International Ministries and all its officers, agents, servants, and employees, acting officially or otherwise. From any and all reason of injury, damage (including property damage to any of my belongings), loss or death which may occur from any cause, including, but not limited to, any accidents and/or occurrence while participating individually or with others while with this mission organization and/or on this mission trip.

Deposits paid toward a trip are non-refundable. In the event the applicant chooses not to participate in the trip, a refund of the amount paid, less deposit and other expenses incurred by General Baptist  International Ministries, will be refunded to the applicant. (Please note: a refund in the amount of a plane ticket will only be processed if the airline agrees to refund. Otherwise, a credit voucher is issued by the airline and the participant will have up to one year from date of purchase to use the voucher with the airline.) The financial disbursement of funds is at the discretion of General Baptist International Ministries. All special project contributions are tax deductible.

In the event that Mission One team funds remain after all expenses are met, General Baptist International Ministries reserves the right to use said funds to advance General Baptist International Ministry Programs.