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gbim logo smallOur ministry partner places passionately committed people in teaching roles across Asia, who primarily serve through the medium of English instruction.


Teaching English Overview

teflWe offer vibrant programs for college students, graduates, singles, couples, families and second-career adults.  We can offer both year-long and summer programs through our ministry partners.  While we are focused primarily on university campuses and teacher training, we teach in a variety of other settings designed to best serve our host countries and government entities. We are committed to working with our host countries and government agencies to design teaching programs to best meet their ever-changing needs.  Increasingly this includes supplying key industry experts from the West to engage with their Asian counterparts through lectures and roundtable discussions.

Summer Program


teflThe Summer Teaching Program serves China, Laos, and Mongolia’s dedicated and outstanding primary and secondary school teachers of English. The focus of this fast-paced program is threefold: to provide our teaching colleagues in Asia the often rare opportunity for interaction with teaching professionals from English-speaking countries around the world – including dialogue about various cultural customs and practices; to share contemporary teaching methodology practices presently in use in those countries; and for our participating teachers to learn the local customs and teaching methodologies from their teaching colleagues in Asia.  Contact International Missions for more information.

Fellowship Program


teflThe Teaching Fellowship Program is a compelling eleven-month English teaching experience for recent college graduates up to the age of 25. Participants serve on a vibrant team of three to eight, including a team leader who is committed to mentoring in both teaching and life. While most of those we teach through this program are university students, some teams serve in primary or middle schools. This opportunity provides a great foundation for professional and interpersonal growth. If you’ve ever considered long-term service overseas, this is the perfect opportunity to test the waters for a year. A high percentage of those who begin in this program go on to serve longer-term in our University Teaching Program. But whether staying on in Asia or returning to your home country, you will learn more about the world you live in, and how you fit into the bigger picture. You’ll discover talents you never knew you had and develop skills you can use for a lifetime.

University Program


teflThe University Teaching Program is our partners flagship program, with teachers serving throughout Southeast Asia. Our commitment is to send the most dedicated, passionate, trained, committed and engaging teachers. This commitment has enabled us to teach with excellence and to build bridges of friendship in Asia. Opportunities abound outside of class to interact with students who will seek you out to practice English, learn your culture and talk about matters of the heart. These students can become life-long friends. If you think this opportunity resonates with your own heart, and if you have a yearning to be a part of something much bigger than yourself, we want to talk with you.  Contact International Ministries for more information.

Contact International Ministries for further information.