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Whether participants have just completed college or have years of experience under their belts, single adults have a meaningful opportunity to invest in the lives of the people they serve. Because singles often have more free time to build friendships, they are amazed at the depth of the relationships they form with both their students and their team members.


Married couples teaching in Asia with GBIM  often find that the marriage relationship they model goes a long way toward expressing what they value in their lives. Upon seeing the strong love that couples have for each other, students want to know more about it. Many married couples find that through sharing their lives with students, their own relationship grows and develops in new and meaningful ways.


A strong family unit can be a powerful magnet to students and community members. Most find that their children adjust more quickly and easily to life in Asia than they themselves do. Parents are encouraged as they see their children build relationships with other children and surprised at how many doors these simple relationships open.


Serving has become an extremely rewarding experience for those seeking a change in work and focus. As people with rich life experience, those who have reached mid-life or beyond are very valuable resources to their students and fellow teammates. Often, university students are living away from home for the first time and are in great need of a parental figure and role model. A teacher’s presence as a caring and loving instructor provides students with the support they need, while allowing for an opportunity to share true life. We have also found that those who have reached mid-life or beyond have a valuable opportunity to serve as mentors to others on their team, helping them to develop their skills and abilities. Many find that serving in Asia is the most strategic and fulfilling venture of their lives.