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MD Phase 3 (pre-deputation)

gbim logo smallOne of the most important keys to successful ministry life is the development of ministry partners or what we commonly call share partners.  This is done through a process of deputation where the missionary candidate cultivates relationships in various churches. These partners infuse the missionary with their time, energy, resources and prayer.  They are key links to sharing your story with others and developing lifelong ministry partners.

When & Where?
Generally Ministry Partner Development (MPD) will take place as needed in a highly interactive “Focus” session at our offices in Poplar Bluff.  “Focus” is a 2-day orientation and MPD introductory training that helps the missionary understand the deputation process, missionary life while on deputation, mission shares and ministry partner development.


Read – Pre Focus Reading Assignments

  1. For Everyone:
    • Do an inspirational-only read of “A Spirituality of Fundraising” (Henri Nouwen, 2010, 64 pages).
    • Read “Seed, Soil and Seasons” by Charlie Carr.
    • Read the GBIM Missionary Handbook and highlight questions you may have.
  2. For the Husband:
    • Do an in-depth, word-for-word read of “The God Ask” (Steve Shadrach, 2013, 346 pages).
  3. For the Wife:
    • Do an in-depth, word-for-word read of “Funding Your Ministry” (Scott Morton, 2007, 248 pages).

Write & Submit

  1. Length & Format:
    • Write a college-level 3-page book report paper (husband, Shadrach; wife, Morton). There is no style requirement (i.e., no MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.), no need for a cover page, no need for a reference page, and no need to cite references unless you are citing more than one author. But put your name on your paper!
  2. Paper Organization:
    • Abstract—an opening overview of 1 or 2 paragraphs;
    • New or Challenging Insights—list 3 new or challenging insights gleaned from your reading, including why each is new or challenging, and how you intend to apply each insight;
    • Reflective Critique—based on your personal experience and insight, where might the author be wrong, or have forgotten something important?
    • Muddy Waters—list and explain up to 3 items which are still confusing to you (your Muddy Water items drive some of our “Focus” discussions in Poplar Bluf); and
    • Conclusion—your 1-paragraph conclusion.
  3. Submit to:  Email your completed paper no less than 1 week prior to “Focus” to mark.powell@generalbaptist.com.

If considered necessary enroll in and complete the class “Perspectives on the World Mission Movement” – link here

What to expect at FOCUS

Focus will help the missionary begin the process of learning who we are as a missionary sending agency, the missionaries place within the agency, and the process involved in ministry partner development (MPD).

Sessions will include but are not limited to:

  1. General Baptist systems of life and faith (our Statement of Faith and Social Principles).
  2. Brief review of General Baptist International Ministries history.
  3. Brief introduction to our mission fields and ministries.
  4. Introduction to GBIM home staff.
  5. Introduction to the deputation process and budget setting workshop.
  6. Introduction to our MPD training and coaching system partner.
  7. Post Focus courses and a reading list will be assigned during Focus based on the target country and people group and/or religion.