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MD Phase 4  (Deputation Phase)

gbim logo smallThis is where the work you did in Phase 3 will come to fruition as you complete your  training and begin coaching while sharing your story with individuals and visiting churches. Your goal will be to share the vision God has laid on your heart and invite people to share in your ministry by becoming partners with you.  Cast your vision and alway remember to ask God before asking any particular individual or congregation to do anything.  Remember without God nothing is possible!

The mission office will work with you to help fill out the church portion of your deputation schedule.  It is desirable that 60% of your deputation be raised within a 150 miles radius of your home.   The healthiest relationship is when the appointee’s home church assumes as much responsibility for “their” missionary as possible.  GBIM will seek to foster a strong relationship between the appointee and their home church.

The missionary appointee should remain in their work place until 75% of their required deputation has been raised.  At the 75% point the missionary candidate will be placed on a stipend so that they may focus 100% of their efforts to raise necessary support.  The actual support goal is 105% of the budget worked out during the Focus session.  Please understand that this can be a long process sometimes taking one year or more at times.

Pre-field orientation and training will take place during Phase 4 as well.  The reading list compiled will help furnish the appointee adequate training for the field of service and ministry.  The “Perspectives” class should be completed during this time if not before.  Video conferences will be arranged with field missionaries in order for the missionary appointee to be better equipped with first hand knowledge of life on the field and their specific ministry assignment.

Other courses may be required during this period as well depending on the field of service and area of ministry.