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Ed Stevens

In October 1946, Ed Stevens, a General Baptist foreign missionary, arrived in Guam to share the gospel with the people who called it home.  Ed and his wife would go on to serve on Saipan and Chi Chi Jima also, until Ed died on a ship en route to Guam for medical treatment on September 20, 1952.  We have set aside the third Sunday of September every year to remember his example of faith and missionary commitment with an annual offering for international mission work.

Ed was born in Boonville, Indiana on January 23, 1917.  He accepted a call to ministry and was ordained by United Association Presbytery in September 1945, and appointed by the Foreign Mission Board to serve on Guam in July 1946.  Ed arrived via steamship October 6, 1946, and led the first service on Saipan on April 4, 1948.  Ed Stevens was the first General Baptist missionary to die while serving on the mission field.  We remember the sacrifices Ed and Gertie Stevens made to serve as pioneering missionaries for the General Baptist movement.