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God Sure Is At Work

The Honduran court has granted permission for Lisel to return to the States for her 2nd hip surgery scheduled for this coming July.  We filed the report from her first trip and made our request.  We had the document in hand in just over two weeks.

Last Saturday, I attended a three year anniversary of a church start.  It has grown from a small group to 30 members during this time.  It is exciting to see what God is doing there.  It is a small mountain community of about 30 to 40 families without electricity.  Their “church” is a few boards and metal roof, but the Spirit of Christ is so evident.  It was raining off and on Saturday at the celebration, but that did not dampen (pun intended) the joy as over 50 people showed up on a rainy Saturday afternoon to worship.

The joy is real in Las Laureles, not because they are poor, but in spite of it.  They have the joy of the living Christ in them.

Teresa and Doctor Sharon also conducted their first of 12 women’s health clinics at one of our nearby churches.  Many women of the community came.

We all have so much, but may the joy of the living Christ be in us as it is in those Christians living on the side of a mountain without electricity!

Rodney and Teresa

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