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Honduras and Philippines Face Storms

The Philippines rushed to assess the damage Monday after Super Typhoon Goni, the world’s strongest storm this year, carved a trail of devastation. With peak winds reaching 195 mph, the storm left tens of thousands huddled in evacuation centers during a pandemic.  Goni, also known as Rolly, dodged the Manila region late Sunday but left 125 cities and towns without electricity. About 2 million people were in the path of the storm, which came on the heels of two other typhoons and as the country struggles with one of the region’s worst coronavirus outbreaks.  GBIM has not received word yet from the Agta ministry which would have been in the path of this storm. 

In Honduras, hurricane Eta is predicted to hit as a category 5 hurricane and a major rain event with devastating flooding expected.  Faith Home is well supplied to endure the storm but many in Honduras will suffer considerable loss if the storm dumps the expected rainfall amounts on the country.  Missionary Christina Massey reports a significant rain event already with flooding in nearby La Lima.

Please keep the folks in the Philippines and Honduras in your prayers.  GBIM stands committed to offer assistance as needed to our people in both locations.  But we cannot do so without your partnership.  Please give today for events like this by visiting donate.generalbaptist.com or text ‘give’ to 573-282-7171, select international missions and then type “international relief” in the note field that will appear.  Thank you.