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Honduras Pastor's Relief

Honduras Pastors Receive Relief Assistance

by Dr. Rodney Walls

Honduras Pastor's ReliefAfter a recent donation to help our Honduran General Baptist pastors, God’s intervention was clearly on display. The church planting ministry in Honduras received a donation to help our pastors early on April 29th. Because of the nationwide curfew enforced by the police and military, I knew that I would need to get to the bank so that I would have the cash needed to help our pastors. But how? I would not be permitted to be out until early May. I checked all the pastors who have transportation and none of them could be out either. In checking, we found ONE person associated with Faith Home that could be out on the 29th. He graciously consented to go for me, and within two hours on the 29th, I had the cash to help the pastors.

The next day (the 30th), Pastors Raúl and Ezequiel arrived at 1pm on their motorcycles. On motorcycles, they could get to the other pastors. Each of the pastors were so excited and grateful. One pastor sent me a message that translated said, “Blessed be God for this great blessing. I am so grateful. God bless you always.”

It has been so difficult for them. No services for over six weeks has meant no income for that period of time. The mission has been able to help them get food a few times, but  resources were running thin. Then came the donation from one of our GB churches! God is in control.

What we didn’t know was that at 5pm on April 30th, the notice was issued that Cortes (where we are located) was on a complete lock down. Nothing was to be open for a week or so. No grocery stores, no pharmacies, no banks, nothing! The only thing allowed to be open would be the local pulperias (small family run convenience stores). Pulperias would have the basic food items for the people of the community. However, because we got our pastors some help earlier that day, they will be able to buy FOOD for their families at their local pulperias because they now have the money to do so. Jesus worked it out again!

Honduras Pastor's ReliefTiming, God’s timing. It is amazing how God brought so many things together at just the right time. I am thankful of our GB church for letting God use them to make a difference in the lives of our pastors and their families. Be a part of what God is doing! When God speaks or moves your heart, act…don’t wait. Timing is everything, especially God’s timing!

You can help international pastors during the COVID-19 crises by using the “Give Now” form below.  Sign up for an account, select International Missions, type Pastors Relief into the notes box that appears, and give your specifics.  Thank you!

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