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Honduras Spring 2016 Medical Team

The following highlights are from a letter sent by team leader Buck Strouse. I believe it well illustrates the effectiveness of our Spring Medical team.


I trust that many of you are planning to speak and share with others your experiences from our recent Honduras trip… Your personal observations serve as a wonderful testimony to how GOD worked through you to achieve HIS plans to reach others with HIS message of redemption.

For me, every trip reveals something new… On this trip we had two young men, one of whom is just now entering seminary. I asked them to see if they could organize a service geared to a teenage crowd, which they did. We all were witness to the success and joy experienced by sharing JESUS with their Honduran counterparts. Most importantly at least 9 young adults took their message to heart and accepted their SAVIOR…

I am increasingly overwhelmed by the integration and participation of the many Hondurans who worked hand-in-hand along side us. We had 4 physicians, 4 dentists, an architect, 4 med school students and 22 other amazing interpreters…

 We were also privileged to be able to celebrate the life of one of GOD’s most trusted servants. Jerry Eades who has served for 10 years on this team and been a mentor and inspiration to many of us was recognized for his 90th birthday. What a wonderful reminder he has been to us that it is never to late to proclaim the Message!

Following is the statistical info:   

Physician Visits – 1,789, Family Photos given – 410, Hospitality bags distributed – 410, Prescriptions filled – 2,570, Hearing tests – 23, Hearing Aids fitted – 18, Dental visits – 252, Dental extractions – 223, Eyeglass exams – 473, Prescription Glasses fitted – 74, Reading Glasses given – 392, Adult/Teen Salvations – 86

 You were a wonderful and dedicated team and I was blessed to be able to serve, for HIM…

 Because HE lives,  Buck