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Honduras Update from Rodney Walls

The doctor has cleared Baby Girl to travel, and we are scheduled to fly into Tegucigalpa on Thursday if hurricane IOTA does not change things.

Honduras has struggled through the pandemic with many just trying to survive and then hurricane ETA came devastating the Sula valley. It is estimated that over 200,000 have been displaced. That number includes Faith Home alumni and many in our churches who have lost everything. And now a second hurricane is poised to increase these numbers and increase the suffering.

God in your mercy hear our prayers for Honduras and for our brothers and sisters there.

At present, our churches and church leaders are leading the efforts to help those who are hungry and have nowhere to stay. Many are living in shelters and make shift homes along the roads. San Manuel church has opened its doors and people are staying there. Several churches strategically located are distribution points for food. Several of the church people are preparing meals to be handed out at government shelters and in our churches as well. Pastor Miguel continues to be the point person. We are so blessed for his leadership.

We have one community that a few days ago was still inaccessible (El Banano). Miguel and pastor Marcial went to check but it was all still underwater.

It is a challenging time and many mission groups are each doing what they can to help, and General Baptists are a part of that!

You can help by sending a donation to Hurricane Relief, 100 Stinson Drive, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 or visit donate.generalbaptist.com or text “give” to 573-282-7171.  Be sure to designate “International Missions” and “Hurricane Relief”.  thank you.