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India Association Activities for December 2020

India Association reports a very busy month during December 2020.  Pastor Prakash and Jemima Pamu continue to do an exceptional job leading the India Association through a very difficult year.

Dorcas Sewing Centers:  Two sewing centers completed their program in December at Raparthi and Pavara.  The association was also able to restart four centers that had discontinued due to COVID-19: Managampadu, Balijapadu, Vanchangi and Konda Lingamparthi.  Four new sewing center locations have been targeted for centers beginning February 1, 2021: Balavaram, Kantavatam, Ankampalem, and Nellipidi.  These are all tribal villages at a good distance (99 miles or 160 kilometers) from the ministry center in Kakinada.

Grace Home for Poor Women and Widows:  This ministry sees to the special needs of widows within Indian society and to poor women in the communities near the churches as well.  In December the ministry reached 25 Bible Women and some poor women with Christmas gifts of new clothes and gifts.

Pastors Meeting:  The monthly pastors meeting met in Pithapuram on December 12 and each pastor present received a Christmas gift of $13.67 (RS 1000) as well as blankets, lungi (Indian skirt for men), Bibles, and travel expenses.  There were 56 pastors and Bible women in attendance.

The tribal pastors and Bible women gathered on December 28, 2020 and received Christmas gifts of sarees, dresses, and blankets.

The Pithapuram Church held a Christmas feast for 130 participants and then distributed gifts to some of their poorer neighbors.

Bible Distribution:  India Association distributed 400 pieces of literature and New Testaments in both Telugu and English to pastors and Sunday school children.

Donations for the association can be made by visiting donate.generalbaptist.com, select International Missions, and they type in the notes field India Association and if a specific ministry is desired specify further (i.e. India Association Dorcas Sewing Center or India Association Grace Home).  Or send your donation to General Baptist Ministries, 100 Stinson Drive, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 with your designation in the memo section.

Pastor Prakash serves as the GBIM representative to India Association but is not fully funded.  Pastor Prakash does a tremendous job and is extremely faithful to the gospel and to General Baptist.  If you would like to send a monthly gift for Pastor Prakash please visit donate.generalbaptist.com, select International Missions, and then put Prakash support in the notes field.  If you would like your gift to be recurring, please check that box and indicate the monthly on annual amount.  Thank you!

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