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India Association Distributes COVID Assistance to Pastors

India Association was able to distribute food from COVID-19 pastors relief fund to 46 pastors.  On September 28, 2020, 12 pastors in the tribal area near Rajavommangi received $10 worth of food items each.  An additional 34 pastors received one blanket and one grocery kit worth $10 each at Pithapuram.  The grocery kit weighed 45 Kilograms and contained 16 items.

GBIM is grateful for the many generous donations to the pastors COVID-19 relief fund.  We have been able to do much good with your generous gift.  Additional gifts for Pastor’s COVID-19 relief can be made at donate.generalbaptist.com or text “give” to 573-282-7171.  Select International Missions and then type “pastor relief” in the note field that appears.

IA COVID Pastors Assistance September 2020