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India Association Distributes Food in Tribal Area

As part of the ongoing COVID response of GBIM, Pastor Prakash of India Association reported a food distribution in a tribal area through their Grace Home ministry.

Grace Home for Poor Women and Widows is a monthly outreach to assist women in India who find themselves a victim to unfair circumstances or situations.  Many women, especially widows or divorcees, find it very difficult to make ends meet and the Grace Home ministry seeks to assist them in very basic ways.

Pastor Prakash writes, “We reached 50 women and widows from tribal land in Rajavommangi on 10th of September 2020. We distributed vegetables to all the people. Before giving away this gift we preached the gospel and prayed for them.”

You may help the Grace Home ministry by visiting donate.generalbaptist.com or texting “give” to 573.282.7171.  Select International Missions and then type ‘Grace Home’ in the text box that will appear.  Thank you and God bless.