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Grace Home for Widows March 2020

India Association March 2020 Update

The India Association reports Dorcas Sewing Centers active in seven villages including Mangampadu, Balijapadu, VAnchangi, Konda Lingamparthi, Raparthi, Ramanayyapeta, and Pavara.  There are nearly 150 ladies receiving tailoring classes each day in these centers and be ministered to by a local congregation daily.

India Association Pastor's Meeting

India Association Pastor’s Meeting March 2020

A new group of tribal pastors met on March 2 in the village of Goligonda.  Pastor Prakash visited two churches and interactive with 15 pastors in that particular areas.  The association is always on the search for new villages to reach with the Dorcas ministry and to assist people physically and spiritually. The main pastors meeting also took place in Pithapuram on March 12.  There were 16 pastors in attendance, they had a time of prayer together for the various churches.

The association was also involved in helping 30 poor women and widows with clothing during the month and were able to reach 15 families with the gospel in the first three weeks of the month as well as benevolent ministry to 25 people and pastors.

The India Association typically conducts a season of Lent prayers each year, but those prayer meetings only lasted until March 21, 2020, when the Indian government initiated restrictions due to COVID-19.  Large group gatherings for India Association ceased on March 21 and the Dorcas Sewing Centers stopped meeting temporarily on March 25.