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India Association New Year’s Baptism

Pastor Prakash Pamu writes that India Association of General Baptist celebrated a baptism at the Bay of Bengal on New Year’s Day with four candidates baptized.

The Kakinada ministry building sits near the Bay of Bengal which has an interesting and significant missions history.  When the father of modern missions, William Carey, arrived in India in 1793 it was by means of the Bay of Bengal.  He was soon followed by William Ward and Joshua Marshman in 1800, and together they composed the Serampore Trio connected with the English Particular Baptists – all arriving by means of the Bay of Bengal.

English General Baptist missionaries would follow in 1821 when William Brampton and James Peggs arrived via the Bay of Bengal and established a mission outpost in Cuttack in the state of Odisha.  Later American Freewill Baptists would join in this effort eventually resulting in American General Baptists sponsoring their first missionaries – the Ager family (who were British) connected with the mission in Odisha.

So the Bay of Bengal is historic in being the door through which modern missions was birthed and eventually English and American General Baptists joined in the call to missions – all arriving in India through the Bay of Bengal.

Think of the great work God has wrought since the first English Particular and General Baptist missionaries faithfully gave their lives to the cause of missions.  And consider the trail of evangelism that photos of Pastor Prakash baptizing in the Bay of Bengal paints for us as he continues to faithfully baptize believers in this bay so full of missions history.