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Indian Pastor Receives Motorcycle

A key leader in the Calvary Grace Association in India is Pastor Bhaskar.  He leads in an area with several churches and pastors and has been instrumental in both the Lydia Sewing Center ministry and in the recent Living Waters projects.

Pastor Jessey brought it to the attention of GBIM the need for a motorcycle for Pastor Bhaskar and after a recent visit to India it was obvious that there was indeed a great need for this instrumental man of God to have reliable means of transportation.

Fairly quickly, funds were made available to purchase a motorcycle for Pastor Bhaskar.  General Baptist are blessed to have solid leaders like Pastor Bhaskar in all our various fields.  It is our practice to follow the indigenous principle in church planting which means we do not pay local pastors to do pastoral ministry.  GBIM does involve itself heavily in leadership training and provides stipends and sponsorships to support leaders in training and Bible Institutes around the world.

However, it is important that we insure, when possible, that tools are provided to key pastors like Pastor Bhaskar. We are very grateful for faithful men like Pastor Bhaskar and his family and the ongoing ministry of Calvary Grace Association.

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