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Just Two Years or a Lifetime?

Just Two Years or a Lifetime?

by Jessey Vemula

We are very happy to send you this update and remind you that God has bigger plans for us than we can think. We want to let everyone know that it has been two years since we responded to God’s calling to move to India to be missionaries. Here is the question, are the two years of our missionary work enough, or are we tired of carrying the cross already? Have we finished what we came to do? Is there a need for us to stay longer in India? The answer is WE WILL NOT STOP OUR SERVICE IN INDIA! Our calling and burden is to reach people and preach the Gospel. This is the reality of God’s calling in everyone’s life. Since the day God has called us to ministry, India has been in our hearts. It’s not just because Jessey is from here, it’s because this country needs Jesus more than ever. Not only is the population of India growing daily but ignorance, arrogance, fearlessness, and godlessness are also growing rampantly.


Work Continues at Calvary Grace Ministry Building

Is it easy, safe, or fun to be an Ambassador of Christ in a country like India? No, it’s not. Can you reach and change everyone? No, we can only reach some. Not only do we hear these questions from people, but we often hear them from Satan just to disappoint us and stop us from doing God’s work. Many things come our way to try to make us quit, but we don’t want to sit quietly and wait for the Lord to return. No, there’s something more we all need to do before we see Him face to face. The thing that we cannot do in heaven is preach the Gospel. Is there anything that we may regret in heaven? Yes, not taking time to reach out to people with the gospel.

Many Christians have a burden for the lost souls of India, but not everyone can go, live and preach the gospel in India. Recently, many visitors have encountered problems in obtaining a visa. We praise the Lord that this situation will not stop us from traveling to India and staying, because we just received our OCI status (kind of Dual citizenship). In the future, we neither have to apply for visas nor leave the country within six months.

Since we are burdened to be lifetime missionaries in India. We want to pray and encourage you to not give up on being by our side, praying, supporting financially and encouraging us. Because ministry is the greatest thing in this world to have a partnership with. It is God’s calling and your prayers and financial support that keep us moving forward, seeing many lives transformed, and accomplishing great things for God. Brittany and I are appreciative to those who have prayed for and supported this ministry. It is an honor and blessing to serve as God’s missionaries and yours.
During these 2-3 years, great things have been happening for the kingdom of God. We have baptized 6 people in the past seven months! Most recently, we graduated a group of 26 ladies from the Lydia Sewing Center, and 12 of them gave their lives to Christ! The school season has started, and we started our Good Shepherd’s Children’s home kids in an English medium school. This will improve their chance for a better future, and it will benefit the families later on in life.

When you support us financially you are supporting so much more. If God is in something it will not be in vain. India is one of the neediest countries when it comes to the gospel. There are no missionary visas, and to come here and preach the gospel can mean death. However, Brittany and I are committed to God’s work and are willing to spend the rest of our lives here.

We, your missionaries, need your prayers and financial support to continue to do what we are called to do. Please join us to reach the unreached and be willing to support us and ministry. We hope you’ve liked our Ministry Facebook page, Calvary Grace General Baptist Churches of India, and are following our updates, viewing our photos, and seeing various ministry videos. Please send in your $10/month share support or MORE today to support our ministry in India!

(This is a reprint from the Fall 2016 issue of the Capsule)