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Las Laurels Church Receives Prefab Structure

Praising God! I know many posts recently have described the tough circumstances here, but TODAY, a praise report! Las Laureles church is located on the side of a mountain, but despite all, the church continues to grow under the pastoral leadership of Saul Martinez. They outgrew the little make shift structure, so last week, we sent them a prefab structure that is 3 times the size of the old. In 5 working days, the new church structure was completed, and yes, they had church as soon as the workers finished!!!!!!

In time, they will add a concrete floor, block walls and electric.

General Baptist have been able to truly help this community. We helped them get a road up the side of the mountain; we are helping them get electricity in the community for the first time (hopefully, this will be complete in a couple more months), and now MOST IMPORTANTLY a new and better place to worship GOD. Told you it was a praise report! May God continue to move and grow this church!

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