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Latin American Pastors Have COVID

Things in Honduras are not great right now. Just a couple of days ago because of the increase in cases, the government has closed down most things again in the higher population areas. It is being enforced and is very difficult. The system of getting supplies to Faith Home is still flowing (praise God), but these national curfews and closures are taking their toll and the healthcare system is being taxed. All are okay at Faith Home.

Continue to pray for Pastor Arnaldo. He and several in his family have COVID-19. He was taken to the hospital, but they did not admit him. He was sent home with instructions to buy medicines. He was a bit better yesterday. Things are just day to day right now. May God’s hand touch, strengthen and comfort Pastor Arnaldo and his family!

Two pastors in Mexico also have COVID along with several members of their congregations.  Pastor Mario and Pastor Plinio have COVID, please keep them, their families, and their congregations in your prayers. Both pastors reside in Chiapas.