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Calvary Grace Conducts Successful Medical Camp

Pastor Jessey reports a successful three day medical clinic in rural parts of India.  “Medical camp ministry was a huge success… The camp was conducted for three days in three different village mandals (a head village surrounded by a number of small villages).”

Pastor Jessey commended the native pastors in the area who played a great role to make these camps a great success.  The native pastors were thankful for what the medical camp was able to do for their village people.  Pastor Jessey was able to ensure that these native pastors received all the credit for bringing the medical team to the village.  The pastors were “hoping and praying that the villagers will see Christians, churches, and pastors differently and favorably.”  These communities are among the poorer locations that Calvary Grace ministers.  These Christians often suffer persecution from other religious groups in the area. The state where Calvary Grace is located is less than 2% Christian.

The medical team that traveled with Pastor Jessey was impacted  by this outreach in a profound way.  It was a new ministry for most of them and they were amazed at the great need for medical ministry and the physical and spiritual impact it can make in peoples lives.

Pastor Jessey writes, “As we were coming back from the camp a few thoughts began to come in to my mind about how Jesus made people realize the need for spiritual healing through physical healing.  I’m thankful to God for opening my eyes to see the needs of people more clearly and new doors to do evangelism.”

Pastor Jessey also reports that the approximate cost of one of these medical camps is US$2000.

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