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First India LAUNCH Water Well

Pastor Jessey reports the first successful well project following our 2019 LAUNCH offering collected from youth groups and VBS offerings across the denomination.

Pastor Jessey wrote, “We drilled our first water well successfully yesterday. This community is 40 minutes away from Siddipet, their caste is Pittalollu (bird seller) they hunt for living. Tribal and one of the lowest castes in India. Farmers in the same village dug 8 water wells prior to ours in the same vicinity but unsuccessful. Praise be to God for this marvelous miracle. Now, this is a testimony and will remain in the hearts of the village people.”

There are 72 families who live here. Because of their caste they live in the outskirts of the of the larger village. Among 72 families 21 families are Christian.

Funds for this project we’re sourced from the 2019 LAUNCH Give offering from youth groups and VBS from across the country.

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