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The Cost of A Church in Honduras

Several years ago, a medical team conducted an outreach in a community outside of San Manuel.  There was a real sense of burden and desire to plant a church in that community and funds were left to purchase land for just that purpose.  In the absence of a missionary focused on church development, the money set in a restricted account waiting for an opportunity.

Dr. Rodney Walls became the church development missionary in Honduras in 2017.  Soon Pastor Miguel, a long time employee of Faith Home, would move to working with missionary Walls in the church development area of the ministry.  Pastor Miguel and Rodney approach Mark Powell, GBIM Director, with a proposal to use one of the young men in Pastor Miguel’s Bible Institute classes to move into the the medical team had visited several years before and start a church.  They requested funds be used from the medical team gift to rent a house for the pastor to live in and start a church.  The church has been meeting ever since on the porch of the house rented house where the pastor and his family live.

Pastor Guada and family

The church plant met with much success and land was purchased on which to build a church.  A new sub-division was going in between the community and the highway and three lots were purchased with the funds left by the medical team and fresh funds raised by GBIM.  More funds came in and construction on the church was started.

October 2019 saw another team visit this community, but rather than setting up on an empty lot, they set their tents up in the walls of the new construction of the church – Iglesia Peniel.  Cost of construction thus far is $7,105.00.  Another $5000.00 is needed to get the building under roof and the floor has yet to be poured.  Total cost of the project will come in under $15,000.00.

GBIM Director Mark Powell was able to visit the church with Rev. Cecil Cook (featured image at top) who had also been on the medical team that gave the original donation and continues to serve with his wife Velda as host for teams.  It was a moving experience to see Pastor Cecil see the walls well under way after all these years of waiting.  God is at work in Honduras and we pray you will join with us as He moves once again among our churches.