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Water Well Resistance in India

With donations from the 2019 LAUNCH Give offering, Pastor Jessey has been able to dig 16 water wells.  Ten of the wells have been successful with six wells not finding water.  Some of the wells have submersible motors and others hand pumps depending on the situation.  Pastor Jessey reports that the water well project has been so well received that he has requests for an additional 30 wells!

On occasion the water well projects have encountered anti-Christian opposition.  Last week anti-Christian opposition in a particular area resulted in a community refusing help for a water project.  In that same area, two hand pumps that had been installed were dismantled and the pipes cut.  Local politicians refused to come to the aid of the Christian community but some assistance did come from the local police.  Pastor Jessey writes, “it is clear that the devil is trying to stop what the Lord is and about do do in India through GBIM, but it is also evident that God is with us.”  That morning police came to protect the well and the mechanic who reinstalled it.  Pipes had to be borrowed from a different hand pump until new pipe could be purchased.

The pastor asked those who opposed the water well why they were willing to let their community go without water even though it was badly needed.  The response was startling as the anti-Christian leaders stated “We would rather die and let our people die” than receive help from Christian.s