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Lowery Update March 1, 2021 (Honduras)

As of today, I have been in Honduras for three weeks. The last few weeks have passed by so quickly. I arrived in Honduras on Monday, February 8th. I was able to spend one full day at Faith Home before transitioning to Siguatepeque, Honduras for language school. I am currently living with a Honduran family that consists of the mom, Carmen, and her three adult daughters. Living with a Honduran family has been a neat experience. I have had the opportunity to try many new foods and experience the Honduran culture firsthand. Carmen makes sure to include me in everything the family does. Family is very important to them and family members stop by to visit daily. One weekend I went to a birthday party at a lake where we had cake and soda to celebrate. Another weekend we went to a campground where some of the family planned to spend the night. Many family members came and spent the afternoon together walking around or cooking dinner. The campground was higher up in the mountains and had beautiful views. I wore jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a jacket! That marked the first time I ever felt cold in Honduras.

I started language school full time on Monday, February 15th. I already feel like I have made a lot of progress in speaking the language. For me, it is a lot easier to learn to read/write the language than it is to speak the language. Now I have opportunities all day long to use what I know, and the progress has been amazing. The language school administrator feels that if I am able to attend in-person classes for up to five months I will be at a medium-high advanced level. Though this is more time than I had planned to spend at language school, I will need to speak the language very well in order to provide the best education possible to the children at Faith Home.

This past Friday we went on a field trip to a village where Lenca (one of the indigenous Honduran people groups) women live and make pottery to sell. We were able to see different parts of the pottery process. Some of the kids even had a chance to operate the pottery wheel. The pottery is typically black with off-white designs. This is achieved through shaping the pottery, baking it, putting another type of clay in a pattern on top of the cooked clay, baking it a second time with a lot of smoke, then removing the pattern. The smoke turns the clay black, but once the design is removed, the area beneath is the original color. The pottery is then sealed and polished. Each beautiful piece is hand designed.

Personal Update
Overall, things have been going well, though I cannot say this transition has been completely easy. I miss my friends and family along with the comforts of home. I am so thankful that my host home and my house at Faith Home have internet so that I can call/video chat with my family each week. This has also been a difficult transition for my family. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. Even though this transition has difficult moments, God is so gracious and continues giving me a peace that surpasses all understanding. I know this is exactly where He wants me to be. I am enjoying learning and experiencing the Honduran culture while attending language school and am looking forward to returning to Faith Home and getting settled into my house.

Prayer Requests
I am so grateful for all of you for your partnership in this ministry. Your prayers have helped sustain me as I have made the transition to living in Honduras, and your financial support allows me to be here, preparing to serve God through educational ministry at Faith Home. I am so excited to see the impact WE will have on the children at Faith Home, both educationally and spiritually.

The following are current prayer needs:

  • prayers for language learning
  • prayers that the transition to living in Honduras continues to go smoothly
  • prayers that I am able to obtain my temporary residency
  • prayers for my family and friends during this transition
  • prayers for the children and staff at Faith Home