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Lydia Sewing Centers Resume (India)

Praise the Lord! After eight months of gap because of COVID-19 we have resumed Lydia sewing center with 15 new members. This project now is taking place in Pastor Sridhar’s church. Pray for all these Hindu girls that God may open their hearts to the gospel. We are here to make a difference.

General Baptist Ministries sponsors sewing centers in two associations in India.  Calvary Grace Association operates the Lydia Sewing Center and normally operates one center at a time.  India Association operates the Dorcas Sewing Centers and over the years it has become a major part of their outreach with the association operating several centers at one time.  General Baptist Ministries receives donations (suggested is $100) to help with the cost of this ministry.  Upon successful completion of the program, each lady will receive a sewing machine – half sponsored by General Baptist Ministries with the other half coming from the lady or her family.  Sewing centers teach tailoring skills and each class will last for several months.  Although most of the girls are not Christian there is a daily devotional and prayer.

To support one of these sewing centers visit donate.generalbaptist.com or text “give” to 473-282-7171 – select International Missions and then type “Dorcas Sewing Center” or “Lydia Sewing Center” or just “Sewing Center” in the text box that will appear.

Lydia Sewing Center