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Medical Camp #16 (India): Ministry Van Needed!

Medical Camp #16 – We give God all the glory and honor for opening the doors to sow the seed of God’s love and care in the lives of people. This village has nearly 900 families. We assisted 336 people with medicines. This camp was a great success too. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

We want you to join us praising the Lord because it has been over a year since we started conducting medical camps in the most needy places. Many people have been affected through this ministry positively – both physically and spiritually. This has been a great tool to reach the unreached people.

Every medical camp involves sharing the Gospel, sharing of proper hygiene, assessments by nurses and doctors, and distribution of medicines. It is also helping the local pastors to gain recognition in their locality. Which is helping them to project themselves as good people and well-wishers of their community. Hence, the oppositions and persecutions for their ministry are lowered.

Also, these medical camps require a lot of time, money, and volunteers. We have seen, at times, over 500 patients in a single day. Our church members have been very involved and sacrificial with their time to help. Money has been coming in through brothers and sisters like you who love the Lord and their neighbors in India, but it takes at least $500 to do one medical camp.

Costs include van rental, buying medical supplies, and meals for all the volunteers. The biggest portion of the money goes towards renting the transportation to the most interior and remote areas and back. When we rent these vans they can cost, for medical camps 15,000-20,000 rupees or $250-$350 per camp. This seems small but it adds up quickly. We intend to do medical camps monthly, so in a year we spend $2000-$4200. As you can see, the majority goes for transport alone.

Almost every time we hire a bus for medical camps. On several occasions the bus owners were hesitant to go into the remote areas and stopped the bus outside the villages and forests. They were hesitant about the bad roads that could damage their vehicles and charged us extra money.

We want to see more money go toward medical supplies so that we can help more people, so we are wanting to purchase our own 12-14 passenger van. By reducing this expense, van rental and driver payment, we can be a greater blessing.

Some might ask why these medical camps are needed or important. When we go and do this we are not only blessing and helping many forgotten people, but we are sharing the Gospel and sowing the seed of Christ. Another reason is that sharing the Gospel is getting tougher because of the government rules and village leaders opposing it. As we are doing this we have realized that this is a great way to show people the love of Christ by providing medical services. Through this, we have seen, people are more willing to let us in and hear the gospel. Our goal is to do at least three day medical camps in three different needy areas in a month.

As you can see the pictures of the bus we are needing for this wonderful project will perfectly meet our medical ministry need. This van costs $25,000. We ask you to join your hands with us for this great cause and be a part of this tremendous transformation that is going to happen through this medical ministry for the kingdom of God. This bus can also be used to transport mission teams as well.

To give, visit donate.generalbaptist.com or text “give” to 573-282-7171 select International Missions and type “Calvary Grace Van” in the note field that appears, or send your gift to “Calvary Grace Van, c/o International Missions, 100 Stinson Dr., Poplar Bluff, MO. 63901. Any amount of help is accepted because every gift will help us to reach the goal. Thank you all and God bless you.