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Mexico City Church Mission to Oaxaca

Mexico City baptism

The Mexico City Church, under the leadership of Pastor Alejandro Salinas Espinosa, made a mission trip to the state of Oaxaca in Mexico.  God greatly blessed their efforts in many wonderful ways.  Prior to their departure, God was already at work and there were four baptized at the Mexico City Church.

The church made to 295-mile journey to Oaxaca trusting in the provision and blessing of God. They passed some beautiful scenery on their four-day journey and were used by God.   Many worship services were held during their missionary journey.   They traveled by bus, truck, and foot “full of the God’s grace and truth.”  As they walked along many paths, God enabled to share gifts with people they encountered.

100-year-old lady baptized

Perhaps one of the biggest blessings was the baptism of a 100-year-old lady.  She was not the only one baptized on their missionary journey.  Pastor Alejandro also baptized 12 for the glory of God and then, as is his practice, immediately led them in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

The trip was not without its problems.  According to Pastor Alejandro, “The day of return to Mexico (City) there were serious battles and tests. When coming down from the mountains, the transport broke down. But God gave us victory in the name of Jesus, and we got home safely.”

We are very thankful for Pastor Alejandro and the great team he led on this missionary journey to Oaxaca.

MC Mission to Oaxaca