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News from the Weatherfords (Philippines)

Hello from the beautiful Philippine Islands!  We are in our rainy season now and I love it, especially the daytime thunder and rain pounding on the metal roofs!  Not so good for doing laundry, but it makes for more creative drying methods.

I mentioned one of our students dealing with cancer, Leonisa, she had surgery week before last and is recuperating now, we don’t really know what the outcome will be yet but we are all praying for complete healing, please keep her in your prayers.  She is 25 years old.  She and her husband, Marjet, are first year students at MBI.  They are both very talented and beautiful people. Marjet had been a deacon in their church before coming to our school.

At the end of August the students participated in Cultural Days.  Each month there is some kind of a socialization at the school and whatever it happens to be, the students make it into a fun and exciting event. The students are divided into three teams.   Last month the event was Nutrition Day.  This time they chose several different areas of their culture to portray.   One was courting, they acted out how a couple might woo each other, and they had us all rolling on the floor laughing.  They did native dancing, acting out searching for bee hives and harvesting the honey. They had the smoking torch, the trees, and all the props for their production. They were given the Bible story of Samson and Delilah, (impromptu) to act out.  They quickly came up with bamboo spears and ropes for the Philistines that were hiding to grab Samson.  They are not shy or backward in putting on their different dramas.

I can’t tell you how blessed we feel to be able to be a part of this wonderful school and our students and staff.

Some of the students have asked if the mission can help them with a guitar for their ministry.  We have 12 graduates this year and the cheapest guitars we have found so far are $40.  It will be the only music they have in their churches.  If your Sunday School class or mission group needs a project, this would be a blessing for our students.  So many of them are very talented playing the guitar by ear and if not them, someone in the church will have the knowledge, there is no doubt.

Robert and I have had the Asian flu for the last two weeks, our U.S. flu shots didn’t cover this.  We had fever and chills, ached all over, including our skin, had terrible coughs and stuffy heads and just felt all over miserable.  I have some head congestion left, but compared to how we felt, I feel marvelous.  It has really been going around here.


Because we’ve been sick, the gardens have not been judged, it’s late, but next week it will be done.  They worked hard and have been proud of their labor.  And we’ve reaped benefits from them too!  All of them participated, and besides the three top prizes, all will receive new rice pots.

We love you all, and thank you so much for your prayers and your gifts for the Matigsalug Bible Institute, they are making an eternal difference.