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Partnership Opportunity of the Week – MBI

bangcaling family

Rex, Irish and Trazyr Bangcaling

Rex and Irish feel that God called them into the ministry. Irish’s mom is a graduate of MBI and is serves as a pastora in Lower Kibalang. Rex’s father is also a pastor.

Rex loves woodworking, singing, and playing the guitar, drums and flute. Irish loves to cook and sing.

Rex, Irish and Trazyr Bangcaling

Ages : 26, 23, and 2 months

Tribe: Manobo      District: Lower Kibalang

Matigsalug Bible Institute (MBI) was started in 1978 by the General Baptists to train indigenous people to preach the Gospel. There are 400+ G.B. churches in the Philippines, many of these are pastored by MBI graduates. Students come and live on campus during this three-year program. They work on the property for 20 hours a week and receive a very small compensation to help buy rice and food. Your sponsorship will provided for their work study grant, housing, and educational expenses.  Monthly sponsorship is $30.00 – less than a soft drink a day!

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