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Pete Leija Installed as Special Projects Coordinator for Honduras

Pete Leija Installed as Special Projects Coordinator for Honduras

Pete Lejia, Clint Cook, Miguel RamirezPete Leija was installed as Special Projects Coordinator during the recent rededication of the Willingham Center at Faith Home in Honduras.

Pete serves as a deacon at the Morehouse General Baptist Church in Morehouse, Missouri.  He has made numerous Mission One MVP (M1) trips to Honduras and is well regarded by the pastor’s and leaders in Honduras. Pete spent 40 years connected with the US Army dating back to the Vietnam Conflict and also serves as mayor of Morehouse, Missouri and as a general contractor.

The Special Projects Coordinator is a volunteer position responsible to coordinate capital improvement projects of Faith Home and the Honduran Churches with the Mission One Coordinator, Dr. James Pratt, and Mission One team leaders.

In a very short time, Pete has already been able to complete several projects from money that had been donated by various teams over the last couple of years.

Pete was raised in a migrant workers home in Texas.  His father spoke English and Spanish but his mother spoke only Spanish.  From that background he made his way through the ranks of the Army National Guard, married and made his way to Morehouse, Missouri where he became connected with the General Baptist Church, started a contracting business and eventually became mayor.   Pete has a huge heart for Honduras, blends in well with the Honduran people, speaks Spanish and loves Faith Home and the ministry of our General Baptist Churches in Honduras.

Pete will not only serve the churches in Honduras, but will also host most of the Mission One teams coming to Honduras and be a great asset to Faith Home Director Christina Massey.