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Philippine Department of Education Notifies GBBC of Needed Improvements – Urgent!

Philippine Department of Education Notifies GBBC of Needed Improvements – Urgent!

gbbc 50thDr. Joyce Porcadilla received a notice from the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) notifying her of urgent needed physical improvements to the GBBC campus.

Dr. Porcadilla writes, “We have received the notice of recommendations that we need to work on from DepEd. While a number of items in the recommendation have been worked on and complied, we still have a few other items that we need urgently. I received the list of recommendations again via email last week…. Among the items in the DepEd recommendations that we still need are the following:”

  1. Expansion of faculty room including cubicles/tables/cabinets – $4,731.18
  2. Provision of separate comfort rooms for boys and girls (2 each) -$4,931.81
  3. Additional 2 classrooms-$28,000

Dr. Porcadilla stated further “This means that we need almost $40,000 within this school year…. Priority (projects) right now are items 1 and 2, of which both should be ready and available by October. The classrooms can be ready by the end of this school year which will be in May 2016, so we will have time to raise funds for the classroom. If we can however raise funds for the dorm (the dorm project is the next major capital improvement project at GBBC) and start the construction for the dorm within this school year, then the old dorms can be converted to classrooms that can be used next school year.”

In addition to the above, the college has received notice from the Business Bureau of the City Government (Davao City) requiring all institutions and business establishments to have a security system in place.  Dr. Porcadilla states, “Our Business Permit is… at stake with the City Government.” Cost for this project amounts to $5,000.

If you can send a special donation to help with any of these projects please let us know.  This also seems to raise some possibilities of Mission One (MVP) Construction teams as several of these projects could well be done in partnership between the college and teams.

How Can I Help?

To make a donation please click here, fill out the form, click yes under “Is this donation to be designated for a specific project or mission?”, then “other” and put “GBBC (plus project name) ‘faculty room,’ ‘restrooms,’ ‘classrooms,’ ‘security’ or ‘dorm’” under “other designation.”