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Philippines Earthquake Update

Information continues to trickle in from North Cotabato in the Philippines. The number of churches severely impacted stands at seven. We have also received a list of GBBC students, GBBC alumni, and MBI alumni who have been effected by this tragedy. Many are in evacuation camps or with family members and fear returning to their homes due to landslides. The names below are just current and former students who remain active in General Baptist churches

GBBC faculty, students, and staff have raised PHP 55,000.00 for the relief portion of this recovery effort  GBIM has matched that amount  a team from GBBC will visit North Cotabato to deliver relief goods this week

GBIM also continues to work with the General Baptist Church of the Philippines and their relief team to see what assistance can be offered.  This is one of those operations where there will be both a relief phase and a recovery phase  your gifts and donations are needed and appreciated

Affected by Earthquake

Present Students

  1. Jason Awe – Barangay Embassy
  2. Venjim Inanao- Barangay Embassy
  3. Roberto Semera- Barangay Buena Vida
  4. Jason Maway – Barangay Buena Vida
  5. Dionesio Buned – Barangay Indangan
  6. Jennerie Ando – Barangay Cabilao
  7. Joan Piobacanto – Pigcawayan
  8. Jezcil Usanastre – Pigcawayan

GBBC Alumni

  1. Mardy Ando Mendez- Barangay Cabilao
  2. Shelame Alud – Barangay Cabilao
  3. Geraldin Bugoy Canete – Barangay Cabilao
  4. Eljohn Ando – Barngay Cabilao
  5. Winerose Guinang – Barangay Cabilao
  6. Angelica Laman – Barangay Cabilao
  7. Alfie Alilian – Barangay Indangan
  8. Jayson Alilian – Barangay Indangan
  9. Jesan Ogot Lumanda- Barangay Buena Vida
  10. Margely Ogot – Barangay Buena Vida
  11. Carmer Maway – Barangay Buena Vida
  12. Angelyn & Gracelyn Ondos – Barangay Marber
  13. May & Jenelyn Lechedo’s Parent – Barangay Bato
  14. Mary Grace Ogoy Lopez – Barangay Kanapolo
  15. John Mark Pulong – Barangay Buenavida

MBI Alumni

  1. Pastor & Mrs Rodrigo Alud – Barangay Cabilao
  2. Pastor & Mrs Marcelo Ando- Barangay Cabilao
  3. Pastor & Mrs Marcial Ando – Barangay Cabilao
  4. Charlene Ando – Barangay Cabilao
  5. Floramea Bulao – Barangay Cabilao
  6. Pastor Adriel Tomon – Barangay Cabilao
  7. Pastor & Mrs. Jun Ando – Barangay Buena Vida
  8. Pastora Myrna Linao – Barangay Buhay
  9. Pastor Sanchie Lopez- Barangay Buhay
  10. Pastor & Mrs Napoleon Inggo- Barangay Indangan
  11. Pastor Rey Cabaling – Barangay Cabilao
  12. Pastor Roy Cabaling – Barangay Buea Vida
  13. Pastor & Mrs Edgar Gumanan – Barangay Bulakanon