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Faith Home Child Needs Surgery

$ 25000 Needed Donation

In the last week, Little L has been to see 2 different ophthalmologists at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO., and had a VEP test today (the attached photo is the tech hooking up Little L for the test). The good news is that her optic nerve is fully developed (there was concern when she was younger that it was not), and after the test today, we were told that her vision is very good.

HOWEVER, because of her “harmful Strabismus” her vision is “severely distorted.” If not corrected, it will permanently diminish her vision. The doctor also had Rodney and Teresa Walls (Little L’s caregivers) try on a pair of glasses that allowed us to see as Little L sees. It was not pleasant and disorienting. Surgery can correct it and would be fairly painless and allow Little L to see things as they are. It would be a day surgery. We are waiting for a cost projection, but initial conversations have us concerned.

Well, she is in God’s hands and that is a good place to be. Pray for God to make a way … being able to see (especially when her vision is good) is a life changer. It would so change her quality of life! She has been so good at the doctors. We need your help today to make this essential eye surgery possible.  Long term care for Little L will be significant.  All funds raised above the amount needed will go to her medical fund.  Thank you.